Aloe Vera and Shea Butter Benefits for the Skin

Aloe Vera and Shea Butter Benefits for the Skin

Aloe vera and Shea butter. Two natural and abundant ingredients. When combined, they serve as the ideal solution to protecting, smoothing and hydrating the skin. 

Read on to learn how a combination of aloe vera and shea butter benefits the skin. 


Key Benefits of Aloe Vera 

First, a look into the beneficial properties of the succulent, aloe. Typically, aloe is known for its healing abilities. The herbal substance is largely used within the health and beauty industry to promote healthy skin, both internally and externally. 

Some of the key benefits of aloe vera for the skin are: 
  • Heals minor burns, sunburn and cuts
  • Hydrates and enhances the hydration of the skin
  • Soothes inflamed skin
  • Balances excess oil in the skin
  • Supports skin's immune system 

Key Benefits of Shea Butter 

Just like aloe, shea butter is a multi-purpose ingredient. Also, it comes in a variety of forms, from raw to refined. Even whipped, like our very own natural shea butter

Shea is a powerful component within the beauty and skin industry. A non-comedogenic that doesn't contain any chemical irritants or allergens. Pure organic goodness that works to benefit the skin from head to toe. 

Some of the key benefits of shea butter for the skin are: 

  • Boosts skin's moisture 
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Features antioxidants that help early signs of ageing 
  • Able to protect sun damaged skin 

Better Together - Antioxidant Properties 

Antioxidants are hard-working substances that are found in many skincare and body care products. Not only do they protect the skin cells against free radicals - which is the number one ageing culprit - they also promote healthier, brighter skin with a more even complexion. Furthermore, antioxidants have the power to keep the skin looking youthful whilst refining lines and wrinkles. 

Victoria Lewis, medical aesthetician supports this by saying “antioxidants are often considered the fountain of youth by skin-care professionals and experts."

The role of the antioxidant in aloe vera comes from the gel of the aloe plant. Aloe gel contains vitamin A alongside C and E. The vitamin A is specifically great at refining the texture of the skin. 

Similarly, the levels of vitamin A and E in shea butter promotes strong antioxidant activity. This stimulates collagen production and improves the elasticity of the skin. 

Therefore, a combination of shea butter and aloe vera for skin is one that results in allowing the skin to be free of radical damage. Therefore, by implementing a natural blend of aloe and shea or using a moisturiser that contains both, the overall quality of the skin will become a lot healthier. 


Power Duo 

As well as having the power to combat the quality of the skin, aloe vera and shea butter benefits the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation of the skin occurs for many reasons. For example, immune system dysfunction, allergic reactions and infections. Common symptoms of skin inflammation are a rash, redness and itching. 

The pure aloe gel from the leaf of the aloe plant is rich in vitamins that have skin healing and cooling properties. Therefore, making it a great substance for inflamed skin. 

Likewise, the plant esters (compounds found in plant cells) of shea butter also contain anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to the skin, shea enables the inflammatory cells to slow their production. Therefore, the irritation caused by inflammation is lessened. 

Simply applying a concoction of aloe gel and raw shea onto the skin can soothe minor burns, insect bites and rashes. Also, soothe the irritation caused by skin conditions such as eczema and even acne. 


Ultimate Hydration

Aloe vera and shea butter are two highly moisturising ingredients. Aloe is made up of 98% water, allowing it to move through the skin deeply and easily without clogging the pores. Using aloe gel as a moisturiser not only leaves skin feeling soft yet boosts the elasticity of the skin due to its high vitamin content. 

The vitamins and high concentration of fatty acids in shea butter is also the key to its conditioning and hydrating properties. These elements benefit the skin by boosting its moisture overall, the moisturising effect on the skin lasting several hours. 

The following is a recipe for shea butter with aloe vera gel, also known as ‘Shealoe.'


Shealoe Recipe 


  • ½ cups of unrefined shea butter 
  • ¼ cup of aloe vera gel 
  • 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil or organic olive oil 


First, scoop your room temperature shea butter and place into a bowl. Carefully whip the shea butter on a low speed until it is a fluffy consistency. Once soft, add the aloe gel and oil of your choice. Mix with a hand mixer on a low speed. Then, spoon the mixture into a container and store your new, multi-purpose moisturiser in a cool, dry place.